Audio Jack - Totally Stumped!

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Audio Jack - Totally Stumped!

Been using my Canon 6 D Mark II for YouTube recording, using same lapel mic "A" for weeks. Always works fine. Tonight all recordings had no audio.

Switched to another lapel mic I'll call "B". That also didn't work in the Canon. Worried the audio jack was bad I plugged in my shotgun mic and walked out of the room and the audio was just fine. And looking at the audio settings on the camera there is a noticable difference with the shotgun in the v/u meter. With no mic plugged in, the camera records audio.
So the camera can record audio and the jack isn't busted, but why all the sudden would all lapel mics stop working? Lapel "A" has a Camera/Smartphone jack and I always have that on Camera for DSLR.

Lapel "A" isn't working in my phone either using the Smartphone setting. Weird thing is lapel "B" isn't either.
Lapel "A" works in another iPhone, but a third iPhone it doesn't work.
Lapel "B" works in two other iPhones consistently so it's not busted.

100% stumped. Aliens???

Lapel "A" might be dead, but lapel "B" should be working in the 6D Mark II audio jack and my iPhone and isn't.

Thanks for helping me figure this one out.

Canon 6D Mark II
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