Big Purchase: Hasselbald 500cm or Fuji GFX50R?

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Big Purchase: Hasselbald 500cm or Fuji GFX50R?


I've saved up and I can purchase either:

Hasselblad 500cm + 60CM f2.8 £1700-£2000
Fuji GFX 50R + 63mm OR Mamiya Sekor f1.9 £2600-£3000 (used)

So I know these are two very different cameras and quite different costs too but I'd like peoples thoughts.

I make films for a living, some photography. I own a load of digital and film cameras. (A7iii, A7siii, FX6, Fuji x100V, Rolleiflex Automat, Olympus OM-1, Pentax ME) Examples of what I like to shoot can be found here on my very out of date flickr.

I really like medium format. Technical debates aside, I like the experience, I like the lenses, I really like the theatre of using a camera that shoots medium format. I really enjoy my Rollieflex for instance, but it's a very very inconsistent camera.

I'm looking to do more portraiture in the next year, and some more crafted work with natural light in studios and outdoor. Mostly wrangling friends and family, maybe some models stuff. I also, just want to treat myself to a GREAT camera. I own a lot of very good ones tbf.

Hasselblad 500CM
Love the camera, love that it lasts, love waist level viewfinders. The price is good for me. I'd put some money aside for film and development.
Worry - Film, you know? I shoot a lot of digital and while I enjoy film I've never taken it too seriously? Maybe the camera would change that, maybe not.

I've REALLY enjoy having the X100V - I'm printing photos straight off it and they look great. I love Fuji colours and can't say enough good things about it tbh. Thats what's tempted me into the GFX system. Digital might mean I just take more pictures?
Price is a bit prohibitive, I'd have to start with a converted lens and then buy a 63mm or an 80mm later in the year when I've earnt some more cash. 
Worry - it's digital so it's going to become redundant in a few years in a way that a Hasselblad won't.
There's my exceptionally pleasant conundrum. Looking forward to owning one of them anyhow. Partner is sick of me debating so here I am, asking well-informed strangers instead.

Thanks in advance!

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