G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

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Re: G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

Gl893 wrote:

Hi all!

I do a lot of travel photography and recently went on a trip where a DSLR was not an option. For that reason, I bought a 2nd hand G7X Mark II.

Overall I am pretty happy with the camera but I am facing one issue that makes RAW shooting a bit problematic.

When shooting RAW and wide-angle (24mm) and applying the built-in lens correction in Lightroom, the corners turn out extremely soft (which make the photos practically unusable). However, when I compare the processed RAW images from LR with the JPEGs out of the camera, JPEGs look a lot better in terms of corner sharpness. This makes me think that the lens correction at 24mm (remove the barrel distortion) is done a lot better in-camera than inside of LR.

Anyone that can confirm / comment on this theory? Is there a way to improve the lens correction in LR (done using the built-in profile)?

At this point I feel I need to give up shooting RAW or at least give up wide-angle RAW.

What u r saying is correct in terms of in-camera jpeg processing of wide angle images. I would suggest using a raw converter that keeps the jpeg processing dictated by the camera. I assume canon's software does this but it's been so long since I've done it so I can't recall. Other raw converters may do it also. Lightroom does not. In other words,by using raw converter that preserves the jpeg settings u still get to have all the data for Lightroom editing that a raw file has, but your starting point for editing is exactly the same as the in camera jpeg (as u know all raw files have a jpeg associated with them but that jpeg file may or may not be used depending on the raw converter u use).

a quick example, for Nikon I use Nikon's software (nxd) to convert raw images to Tiff 16 bit, then I use Lightroom to edit the tiff file. That way u get all the true Nikon colors (and any other in camera jpeg settings u or camera have set) but still keep all the data for raw processing. if I use Lightroom to convert from raw files directly it's looks totally different and need lots of work to try to get to look the same as Nikon jpeg files (using lightroom presets can help with this but it's more work and never exactly the same Imo).

Also please keep in mind that ur picture control customization settings in camera have a huge, huge, impact on what that jpeg file looks like. If u customize those it brings out max sharpness and is way better than defaults. A couple macro examples from G7xii below that show lots of sharpness due to using customized picture controls (ie modifies what the jpeg will look like) in camera. Last photo is tiny heather flowers.

Having said all that, in practice it's much easier and far good enough for me to simply use Lightroom on jpeg canon g7xii and similar camera files. But u may find its worth it to use a raw converter that preserves jpeg settings so u can do better at pulling up shadows etc in Lightroom. Everyone has different preferences

Example of jpeg photo plus Lightroom to change exposure (crocus about the size of a dime in diameter)

Same for Camelia flower

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