ColorMunki Photo Different Drying Times. Part II.

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Re: ColorMunki Photo Different Drying Times. Part II.

palombian wrote:

OrdinaryPersonLikesPrinting wrote:

enduser wrote:

icc view does not support v4 profiles, which is the version recommended by i1Studio.

First of all this is the ColorMunki Photo (as the title says) and not the i1Studio.
Neither, i said or implied anywhere that these are v4 profiles.

In order to see v4 profiles on Windows 10 i have to pay a hefty amount.
On the other hand ICC view is free.
Unless you want to give me some money.
If you don't want then there is no reason to have this conversation.

I provide my tests for free. If you don't like them, you can simply look at other posts.

I suppose you use the i1Studio application with the Colormunki hardware ? Both are the same so why argue ?

I continue with v2 profiles too since most free viewers don't support v4 (didn't see any difference between both).

1. I1 Studio besides the application, it's a hardware.
i1 Studio is a different hardware than the ColorMunki Photo.
If he meant the i1 Studio application he should clarify it.

2. "I suppose you use the i1 Studio application". You suppose, ok.
I use the Calibrite software. Not the i1 Studio application.

3. He said it's recommended by i1 Studio.
I have found nowhere a recommendation to use v4 profiles over v2 profiles on i1 Studio.
On the application. I don't know about the i1 Studio hardware and i don't care.

I did a test using different drying times, spending my money and time to help people
and so far your comments have been totally irrelevant to the post.

Just complaining without providing anything constructive.
He complains to me for not using v4 profiles and you
complain to me because i responded to his comment
but no-one of you write anything relevant to my tests.

If you gonna write a comment, write something constructive.
If you just wanna complain then don't comment at all and go on another post.
I won't spend more of my time with your complaints, so don't bother respond.
I really don't want to use the ignore button.

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