Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

shuncheung wrote:

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shuncheung wrote:

MichaelHK wrote:

Looks like Nikon is still marketing the Z9 very hard, to keep the momentum going. I would like to think that if Nikon has so many Z9 preorders that they cannot fill for months to come, they wouldn’t be pushing it this much.

How is sending one guy, who has patiently been writing blogs and guide books for 20 years, a preproduction loaner "marketing..very hard" "to keep the momentum" and "pushing this much"?

It is more than one guy. Brad Hill also recently received a pre-production Z9 for testing, from Nikon Canada:

Who knows how many such guys Nikon is sending Z9's to?

The fact that Nikon is sending Z9’s to reviewers who have previously been very critical of Nikon, fairly or unfairly, (e.g. Hogan and Jared Polin) tells me that Nikon is pushing the Z9 very hard.

So two fairly low profile blogs, both of which seem to talk a lot about menu setting minutae

Incredible! Just how hard can Nikon push the Z9 marketing?

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