FINALLY bought my scanner, and a question

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FINALLY bought my scanner, and a question


If you read my previous thread, I was on the eternal fence of shooting film, mostly because I have no scanner.

Now it's had

Just pulled the trigger on a Plustek 7600i (the best I can afford right now).

My shoots happen not too often, so it will take long before I post anything, but I figured I can justify the costs by changing my style just for the film shots, giving it a full particular look and not just relying on the film look all by itself to justify the costs.

In other worlds, what I shoot with digital will remain the same.

With film, I have totally different compositions in mind, giving it another reason to shoot film.

I'll post that journey on my channel (in the signature) once I have some results.

BTW, also bought a Portra 160 roll.

A newbie question:

With color negative film, is it necessary to find a fancy pro lab for development?

I know labs will be, at this point, running chemicals on the very edge of expiration.

Not sure if a fancier pro lab or an ordinary lab will be any different from each other by now, both are running at the lowest service volume nowadays.

I understand positive film would require more from the lab, but with C-41 process, is there anything a common lab can ruin my film?

I ask this because using a fancy pro lab is more expensive.

If any ordinary C-41 lab can develop it just fine, I'll go with those.


(necessary to add, these are intended for pro fashion use. Quality is of great importance, but budge is not infinite one way or another)

Best regards,

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