Fuji claiming “Large Format” for themselves?

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Re: Fuji claiming “Large Format” for themselves?

JimKasson wrote:

There a guy on FM who calls 33x44 “ mini-MF”. Maybe just to wind people up.

Yes, there certainly is.  And I can never resist calling his Canon gear “miniature” format for the same reason.  And, since he also shoots a Fuji X camera, I call that “sub miniature.”

As to the Fuji Large Format ad-speak, I actually “kind of” get it.  When I look at the prints I make from my GFX 100 and compare them with prints made from 4x5 from the past, there’s an equivalence there in some ways.   I think we’re approaching some kind of convergence where image quality is concerned.  The differences in sensor size is becoming more about the look and rendering inherent to the size, aspect ratio and lens ecosphere,  than it is about resolution, detail rendering and dynamic range.

Ultimately horses for courses, but a lot of photographic equipment systems in the current state of the art are becoming “multi-course” horses.


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