Buying camera or wait

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Buying camera or wait

I using Nikon d5500. Think about z50 alot but no ibis, and their prime lens have no Vr. I know tamron prime have vr but cant affort it. Now to hard part

I have 3 decision now :
1.Read news about nikon z30, will it come in 2022, if it cheaper than z50, no ibis is okay.

Will it true or same like d7600 never come.

2.Buying a7r2 camera : Cause i have low bugdet, i will get used + 28-60 used + 50 prime . i can use 35mm mode, i think 18 mpx is enough cause i can change 50mm to 75mm without any cost or buy cheap zoom lens from sony aps-c like kit lens 200mm

3. Z6 used : Cant use crop mode cause it only 10 mpx, only use af-s lens for cheap, can use dx in 4k, but picture part welll. And adapter gona make it more 250g than a7r2.

The part cant use crop mode make me sad most.

a7r2 used 1100 usd +2 lens ~ 1500 usd

Z6 used + adapter ~ 1300usd. And their prime lens 50 1.8 i allready have. Maybe i gona buy 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6, it only 220 usd. S

In my place, all nikon lens are cheaper than sony.

Think about nikon 810, but no ibis.

Think about nikon z7, it twice price as a7r2. Cant afford it

Reson i want ibis so bad cause when in street night with my prime 50 1.8, many moment i have to shoot in many place dont have much light, alway have to set up 1/20-1/30 with 3200 iso f2.8. It alway blurry, and to have it no blurry, i alway have to change speed to 1/60 or 1/80 and iso go to 6400 or even 10.000. Result is not good, used dxo to remove noise allready still bad.

I am nikon fan, i love nikon. But well desicion have to make. What i do now. Buy or wait. My salary is low, but photo is my hobby. Can only save 250 usd/month, so to get z7 have to wait at least 4 month from now. Even if i chose a7r2, i have to save money more 1 month. Thx u guys, dont hate me for over think, me just poorly T.T

Nikon D5500 Nikon Z50 Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7 Sony a7R II
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