Fuji claiming “Large Format” for themselves?

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Re: Fuji GFX name and marketing hype

I generally find all this stuff rather funny. Is it marketing or is larger format analog dead for all practical purposes or masochistically alive and well.  Plus has digital come a long long way.

Do you need to make the flashbulbs by hand for that Speed Graphic? Can I run down to my local camera shop and pick up medium format plates or bottles of fixer or a 35mm a roll of  Kodachrome. Where is my local camera shop even? Last camera shop I walked into was depressing as all get up. The shop is located in a seriously high rent area and I just shook my head.

Fuji seems to make the argument that there is no medium format in the digital age so just get over it.  If it is larger then full frame just call it large and be done with it.  Is the argument legitimate , we will see. Fuji survived the Kodak moment or collapse  I prefer to put my money on Fuji.  If you bought a Gfx, maybe that is where you should put your money since you already did.

There are people here who swear up and down up and down up and down that there is no medium format look and here is the scientific proof. People embraced this mystic idea for a medium format look for probably a century. The idea inspired people and brought out greater human creativity.  Just relax and have fun and enjoy this amazing large format digital or medium format digital or masochistic analog medium/large you get to shoot everyday. BTW I can not imagine shooting analog medium or large everyday.

Here is how Fuji explained it almost two years ago with summary quotation created by Fuji rumors.

“The video is titled “Understanding Fujifilm GFX Large Sensor Imaging“. You can find it down below and see also a summary.

  • in film era, the most used medium format
  • when 35mm was introduced, it was actually called “miniature” [admin note: and in German we still call it “Kleinbild“, hence “small format“]
  • Pro photographers felt 35mm was inferior to their medium format films
  • everything in between 35mm and the sheet film size was called “medium format”
  • in today’s world we don’t have access to 4×5 and 8×10 digital sensors, this means that anything bigger that 35mm film size is “large”
  • today photographers call the GFX sensor “large format” or “medium format”
  • GFX sensor is 70% larger than full frame sensor
  • you can put a lot more pixel into that sensor
  • pixel can be bigger and better
  • most of the digital medium format cameras are slow, but not the Fujifilm GFX100
  • GFX100 shoots at 5fps (and it has 102 megapixel) and RAW files are around 210 MB. Considering that, 5fps is very quick
  • the manager making the video shows crops of images he took of butterflies, to show how sharp files are and how much you can crop
  • GFX100 has phase detecion AF all over the sensor
  • GFX100 has 14 stops of dynamic range”
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