What will the next Z camera be?

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Re: What will the next Z camera be?

Digmen1 wrote:

Yes I see a possible ZF as a fun thing for Nikon to do.

People may buy it for nostalgia or the look only.

The other problem is that the new Z lens will look ugly on it. So Nikon would need to design more lens just for the ZF.

The plain/neutral look of the Z lenses is OK I think, I prefer it to the F lenses encrusted with gold rings and badges and lettering.

Nikon will never design more lenses for a Zf, but the SE version look with a silver ring isn't hard. They already have an SE FX lens, the 28, and it wouldn't be hard to do the same for the 40, 24-50 and 24-70 f4. Or to make the Zf black, and it would look fine with Z lenses as is.

I think they are much better to concentrate on the mainstream Zs.

I have not yet seen a Zfc in any store in my city of 100,000 people. But we all hear that theyare selling well, esp in Japan.

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