Fuji's filter sizes and some tips...

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Fuji's filter sizes and some tips...


I don't think it's news to anybody that Fuji's filter threads are different on almost every lens, and that this can be extremely frustrating when it come to carrying a kit with filters.  (The lens range uses every known size from 39mm to 77mm except 55mm.)  One could use square filters to standardize but I'm not particularly keen on them, and in any case, they require different adapter rings if you carry lenses with different threads.

I own most of the primes and long ago decided to standardize on a few filter sizes. So for the small lenses, I bought step-up rings, installed them and replaced all my caps to 52mm (which matches my 35/1.4 and Laowa 65) and bought a set of the filters in 52mm. So now, if I'm carrying the small lenses, all take 52mm accessories - and all caps and all filters fit all lenses.  A recipe for sanity...

That leaves the larger lenses and an open question about what works if you make up a kit that uses some larger and some smaller lenses. I thought I'd pass on some discoveries about just how small a filter you can put on larger lenses without vignetting. You'll probably have noticed that Fuji lenses have very broad nomenclature rings, which gives scope for using step-down rings and smaller filters. I tested several larger lenses I use with step-down rings and a thick CPL filter. I tested them at maximum aperture and minimum aperture (where any vignetting is more likely to show).  The outcome is surprising...


  • The 14mm (58mm thread) can, to my surprise, be used safely with a slim 52mm CPL filter without vignetting.
  • The 16/1.4 (67mm thread) cannot be used with smaller filters.  One can just get away with a very slim-line ring and slim-line 62mm filter.  It absolutely vignettes with 58mm filters.
  • The 23/1.4 Mk1 (62mm thread) can safely use 52mm filters without vignetting.
  • The 50-230 (58mm thread) will work with 52mm filters (at any FL, at any aperture)
  • The 55-200 (62mm thread) will also work with 52mm filters (at any FL, at any aperture)

All of which means that there's plenty of scope for standardizing by using step up and down rings.  And, if you're using any of the pre-2021 primes from 14mm up to and including the 50/2, but excluding the 16/2.4, you can use 52mm filters.  I couldn't test it, but doubt it would be feasible on either 56/1.2 or the 50/1.  I don't know if it's feasible with the three new 2021 f1.4 lenses.

Please note that some allowance should also be made for the fact that the thickness of the rims of filters and rings vary a little.  And that I tested with a single CPL filter.  I am making no claims about stacking multiple filters.)

Hope that's helpful to someone.  Anyone....

Cheers, Rod

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