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James Stirling wrote:

Subhasis L wrote:

I think the Z version will compare well against the F version at all areas. That's not the point - the point is how it compares against the other relevant Z mount lenses not just at the extreme corners, but also at the edges - the areas that are especially important for landscape photos. The MTF charts show this lens to be very strong at the center, but much weaker at both edges and corners while wide open. We do not know how much it sharpens up at the edges/corners when it is stopped down.

When Ricci compared the Z 24-200mm lens with the old F version 24-120mm lens, he compared the non-central areas as well. Wonder why he did not do that in this case!?!

I take most reviews with a pinch of salt. Eventually we will get access to raw files and we will see the real performance . I have pre-ordered the lens as its has a more appealing focal range for me than the 24-70mm and the constant F/4 is more appealing than the extra range of the 24-200mm.

One good thing { perhaps the only one } of Nikon's often slow supply chain these days is that there will probably be a few reviews with raw samples before my pre-order is delivered . Nikon could do with better marketing anything Sony releases regardless how insignificant it may be is in the hands of a numerous reviewers the day it is announced

I fully agree but hope that it does not take too much time to work through the many (I suspect) preorders. Otherwise a silver lining may turn into a dark cloud after all: learning it is a very good lens but looking at it through the shopping window.

I saw this review in Chinese that appears to cover more detail , perhaps a Chinese speaker in the forum could enlighten us. Google translate of the comments seem to suggest that the results are very good though a native speaker would give us a better by far explanation

【首测】尼康Z 24-120mm f/4 S镜头评测 深度体验&画质详评 - YouTube

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