G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

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Re: G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

If you increase the radius of the sharpening in LR, you should find that it 'bites' more in the corners and edges. This may give you sharpening which is stronger than you would want in the centre, but you may find it to be an improvement overall. Reducing the 'detail' slider should reduce the emphasis of noise, and probably increasing the amount to compensate. Applying some noise reduction will make more in line with the Canon jpegs (though personally I wouldn't).

Really what you need to do is to apply sharpening differentially at the edges and centre, which is what programs like DXO do with their lens profiles I believe. You can do this up to a point in LR by using a radial mask, though you lose the ability to tweak the sharpening radius.

If you open the files in a program which doesn't apply the automatic lens corrections you'll likely be shocked at how much distortion there is, and that explains why they go so soft at the edges when corrected. That said, you may find there are some images where you can get away with only doing a partial correction of distortion, which will mean you keep better detail at the edges (and get some of your image back at the same time).

Rawtherapee is one such program, which I use regularly with my powershots. The capture sharpening is excellent (better than Adobe with these cameras), and does have an option to increase the sharpening radius in the corners. If you use RT to do the conversion, capture sharpening and set dynamic range, you can output to 16bit TIFF and do the rest of your corrections in LR, ACR or PS.

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