Fuji claiming “Large Format” for themselves?

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Re: Fuji claiming “Large Format” for themselves?

Valued Customer wrote:

Oldwino wrote:

Seems like they are really stretching the meanings of words and phrases here, especially since “real” large format is still a thing…


So what do you call it?

Should we call APS-C, A Pretty Small c. Do you think there is a large difference between a GFX100 or 100s and a Nikon Z? What is the maximum print size you can imagine printing with the Nikon Z? Meaning a size where you can walk up to the photograph and be awe struck by the detail? You can print like that with the GFX100 and 100s.

So for "real" large format are you referring to the Polaroid 20x24 instant camera or do you mean larger or do you mean some format size you can handhold?

I for one am fine with the aspirational language from FUJIFILM. Hope you get a chance to spend some serous time to enjoy one of these larger than full frame (Large Format) cameras.

Large-format is typically larger than 9×12 cm, while 6x6 and 6x9 are considered medium format (MF).

I would call GFX and X1D (43.8mmx32.9mm) digital crop-MF and 53.4mmx40mm digital MF.

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