Why Are My Pics So Poor?

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Re: Why Are My Pics So Poor?

Vlogs by El wrote:

I think personally this is another great pic.
Don't know why someone would not agree.
Again it is your composition.
And of course its different lenses and settings.
Yes, you don't have the most perfect picture.
But what if you did?
Then you can stop photographing tomorrow.
Make the perfect picture and sell your cam.
That's actually what will happen.
I think your picture plus the one I pointed out before are great.
The first 2 from the first post I reacted on are really below average, but these 2 are great.
And again they might be mediocre for you, but I think the photos are great.

Thank you my friend,  very pleasant words to read, of course.  I like them too and it's great to think someone else shares the pleasure.

Don't worry.  I'm not too fussy, if I'm giving that impression,  not neurotically chronically dissatisfied with my pics.

It was just back then a few days ago I looked and was disappointed and couldn't see why.

So I came here and raised the question.

Got my answers.  Am well satisfied.

And thank everyone for their help.  Most particularly yourself for your kind words...

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