Early December, garden, flowers, natural light, normal apertures, not stacked

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Early December, garden, flowers, natural light, normal apertures, not stacked

Today was quite cold but there was the odd flower here and there in the garden, along with some of next season's buds and last season's fallen leaves, berries and seed pods (mainly looking quite bruised and battered). I'm happy to try focus stacking when there is a mild, intermittent breeze, but it was so breezy today that I didn't even try any focus stacking. So, working with single stills I used aperture bracketing as I often do to give me some choices as to the balance between subject focus coverage and background rendition (7 shots with each shutter press, from f/2.8 to f/22, and pick the one I like best during selection/processing).

This was a "quick hit" session, hand-held, moving quickly from subject to subject, not waiting around for the breeze to cease for a few moments, not overthinking things as far as composition went. Pick an angle, two or three shutter presses, move on.

I made initial selections from the embedded JPEGs and then processed the selected raw files with DXO PhotoLab and Adobe Lightroom, with a very gentle application of Topaz DeNoise AI. Overall, much less aggressive processing than I use for invertebrates, where very strong processing is necessitated by the extreme diffraction softening from using tiny apertures. Here, the apertures were ordinary. Only the first of these images got strong/strange processing because of the high, contre-jour contrast.

Identifications provided by my wife. (I'm clueless.  )

#1 Rose

#2 Hebe

#3 Acanthus

#4 Schizostylis

#5 Hebe

#6 Leaf of Parthenocissus henryana

#7 Osteospermum

#8 Penstemon

#9 Azalea

#10 Fatsia

Flat view
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