Why Are My Pics So Poor?

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Re: Why Are My Pics So Poor?

AnthonyL wrote:

non's DPP is highly rated. It will help you if understand what a RAW file is. Having said that the .cr2 you get starts with the defaults that you had your camera set to, eg White balance, colour saturation, etc but you can then change them. When editing a cr2 file the "recipe" is stored in the same file but separately from the raw data, so you can:

1) Revert to last saved settings

2) Revert to shot settings (ie before you made any changes)

From what you've said earlier I would fully uninstall the Canon suite and start again as the EOS utility is very useful, especially if your preferred connection is USB. However if you put your SD card in the computer then you can use the ImageBrowser utility to download and it mirrors whatever had been downloaded by EOS Utility. I'm not sure however that you've said what computer you have and you need to ensure you are using the right downloads which you should be getting from the Canon support site.

For a long time I had the 450D and you have a later camera. There is nothing wrong with those models and you don't need to splash out on new gear. The one single item I would look at changing is the 18-55 even if it means getting a used 18-55 IS or STM of which there should be plenty around at a good price and low cost.

You also haven't answered the question of how you are focussing. Are you trying manually, or using one of the focus modes or Live view? Use a letter or flat magazine inside by the window so you have good light and learn to take a good sharp picture. Read up on how to hold a DSLR. If you can't then get good photos it may be you have a gear problem.

Jabbing the shutter (good call) as has been mentioned is something you can practise at overcoming and that will show on the test I've mentioned above.

Sorry I missed your post.

Why change the 18-55 - for what?  An 'IS' or 'STM' I guess from what you write. I don't know what they are.  I'll look into it.

I use manual focusing for preference.

I very much don't like taking those SD cards in and out. Too many too fragile pins. I've lost two already with bent  pins.  So I depend heavily on camera to pc connection and associated softwares.

What I get is sometimes the EOS utility will open up and download and sometimes it won't and MS Photos gets in there and does it.

And when it does work I find it a little hassly having to set where the photos get stored to avoid the 550D photos going to the same place as the other cameras I use: a 400D and a 350D.

I  much prefer this 550D because I fancy those extra pixels make a huge difference.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I should make some tests.  But that's how I feel.

If I understand what you've said about the DPP (which I still haven't edited anything with)  I can always revert back to the original pic?  That'd be good.  I'd like that.

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