Why Are My Pics So Poor?

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Re: Why Are My Pics So Poor?

Vlogs by El wrote:

Why do you say that?
Who told you they are poor?
Your images are reflecting what you see through a lens.

If that is what you want the image to become then that is what you make of it.
The third one is nice I would say.

Why the doubt?

Yep. But that is not 'what I want the image to become' is the point.

I could see what's since been pointed out to me to be the results of over exposure and camera shake - and probably poor focusing.

Now I've cranked up the speed and set point metering and am telling myself to take more care over focusing ( I prefer to use manual focus ) then I think I already see an improvement.

I posted a pic yesterday I think, attempting to show that but it's not really good for the job as it's a 'soft' kind of pic due to the overcast day. I think. Though I might be talking nonsense. Hope not. But it happens.

Here's a pic from yesterday I thought I posted yesterday but looks like I didn't.

I think it is better even though it's all fuzzy etc.  Well it's not really fuzzy but it looks that way because I left a white blossom in the background. My fault.  I'll try do another today and avoid that.  But all else I find acceptable. That's all i look for. Now they say red is a problem and I guess that's more to the point.  I'll try some red today.  I have these great big red hibiscus to practice on...

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