Color Or Mono Q2?

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Re: Color Or Mono Q2?

simple answer: if you can afford both the Q2 and Q2M and don't care about what you spend, then get them both because (and I'm relying solely on hearsay from the very vocal Q2M owners) the Q2M images are allegedly superior to the same images shot on Q2 and processed b/w.

However if, like me, you absolutely want the option to also shoot color and can't afford both cameras, get the Q2.

I have the Q2 and often convert images to b/w, and my converted images look fine to my eye. And as to the vaunted better "tonality" of the Q2M, meh. And as to the claimed high ISO superiority of the Q2M over the Q2, that may be the case, however (i) I don't often shoot high ISO with the Q2 and (ii) when I do, DXO Prime does a fabulous job cleaning up those high ISO images before I convert them to b/w.

Below are some bad/low light examples I recently shot at a friend's wedding with my Q2. Ran them all through DXO, did RAW conversions with ACR, output to jpg, and then converted to b/w. Would the Q2M have produced better images? Don't know and don't care because I and the bride's dad were thrilled with them.

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