Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

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Re: Another "Time to upgrade" - 12900 vs 5950 and motherboards

Noctua will send you adapters for AMD AM4 or the new Intel platform so that shouldn't be an issue. If you still have the NHD15 box I'd look to see because you might have the AMD hardware already since it's been the same since 2016.

In both cases I'd actually give a lot of thought to the CPU's 1 level lower.

With AMD the 5900X is actually faster in some workloads. Under the articles section Puget breaks everything down in a lot of detail in their charts so if this is the case or the difference in the areas you use is small enough that could be a good place to save money. As for motherboards if you need a lot of connectivity there are ~200 dollar high quality X570 boards with good VRM's. And honestly a NHD15 is overkill for either of those CPU's so it won't be an issue.

For Intel if I was building a system I'd seriously look at the i7 over the i9. Intel is way past the peak efficiency to get to the i9's numbers so you're producing a bunch of heat/using up much more power for a difference that's not too huge in terms of performance VS the i7. The i9 will run hot even with a NHD15 while that's more than enough for the i7.

For an intel motherboard if you go i9 definitely find some reviews which look into the VRM performance. And also how much DDR4 vs 5 has an impact on your workflow. The price premium is so high currently that it might not be worth it, though you are locked into whichever one you choose since motherboards only support one or the other.

Overall though I wouldn't view DDR5 as a deciding factor, just look at the overall performance since these 2 platforms are different enough beyond that.

Also what's your time frame for building this computer? AMD is a few months away from releasing their 3D cache chips which will add a huge pool of L3 to them and that could have a big impact on some workflows.

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