What will the next Z camera be?

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Re: What will the next Z camera be?

rhlpetrus wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

Zf was elsewhere in my list. It's unclear how Nikon prioritizes that vs. other projects. It presumably has something to do with how the Zfc is doing and the original Df did. I suspect they did the Zfc as a competitive offering vs. Fuji to attract a slightly different type of user to Nikon. They'd probably only do a Zf if the Df did really well in it's day and they think the Zf would bring new buyers that wouldn't otherwise buy a Z5 or Z6. Since we don't really know how the Zfc has done.

If have seen a few articles that say the Zfc was a "hit" in Japan during summer 2021, but I can't find any worldwide data that covers a longer time period.

FYI, a Z5ii and Zf could be delivered together since they would probably share most of their internals, so it may not be one or the other.

I’d think they would not release them close to each other. My preference would be the Zf anyway. But I agree, it’s not clear there will ever be an FF Zf.

My guess is the Zfc has been a good seller, even a 'hit' for a period after its launch. The only easy to access ranking is the BCN Retail one for Japan, and it is consistently in the top 50, along with the Z50.

Sony's A7C seems to be a good seller, at least in Japan (where the market does favor compact bodies).

Nikon has the ideal lenses for a Zf - the FX 28 and 40mm compacts and the 24-50 kit lens. It would just take a repackage of the Z6ii the way the Z50 was repackaged into the Zfc. Nobody needs 8k video or AF bird-tracking magic in a Zf, so it might be an easy way of extending the sales appeal of the mature tech of the mark ii.

Of course, Nikon has many competing priorities for the next FX and DX bodies, and I won't claim a Zf is 'urgently needed', but I do think it could be a smart move. The Zfc iterated on the Df concept successfully, I think. First, MILC is well-suited to the slim body throwback to film SLRs, which a DSLR can't mimic because of the electronics behind the sensor plane. Second, they got the price-spec right. The Df had a premium price and some low-spec features (eg. AF) so was a more niche model. The Zfc is a slight upgrade on the very competitive Z50 with a slight price premium. I think something analogous with a Z6ii-Zf could be quite successful.

To be clear, I don't think a Zf would be for the serious old lens or manual control purist - the adapter is ungainly, and they will never bother with native lenses that have an aperture ring. It's always going to have the incongruity the Zfc has of dials for ISO and Shutter Speed and electronic control of aperture. Thom will point this out and get upset about it. DPR posters with a collection of old lenses will get angry it didn't come with an AFD-FTZ and that their 1971 Nikkor 48mm f2.5 XYZ doesn't couple the aperture arm lever whatnot to the metering and EXIF setting blah blah.

People will buy it and not care because it would be a light, compact great looking FX body.

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