Legal Question(s) about a photo collection

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Re: Legal Question(s) about a photo collection

FrancoD wrote:

" my mother in law made it very clear that she did NOT want to donate her collection to the local historical society or museum."

Contrary to the advice given by others , I would strongly reccomend that you respect her wishes.

We don't know why that was her will but she must have had good reasons for stating that.

Not that I believe there is life after death (I don't know...) but that is not the point.

If you don't donate to the local historical society/ museum you might as well just throw them away. You will spend many hours to find a few pictures that might have value.  I guess you could ask a local library if they want them.

Personally I would donate them and don't get involved in old petty personal fights. If someone in the family does not agree dump them on their doorstep.

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