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Re: About his Fn1/Fn2/Fn3 comments

Since the D5, D500 and D850 Triumvirate, Nikon continues to improve our ability to shoot challenging active subjects, primarily because you can  "...jump in and change what the camera is doing based upon the situation that pops up in front of you.

this is why I dumped the Z7 after Nikon firmware updates failed to fix simple gaps in Custom settings, and in an expensive camera. Never make this mistake again....

Micheal Hall....

If I recall correctly, I believe that Thom advocates for using back button AF with the thumb, pressing the shutter button with your middle finger, leaving your index finger always available to access the controls on the top plate with your index finger and the custom Function buttons with your middle, ring and pinky and fingers.

Reaching with the pinky can be tricky and depressing shutter can be tricky, but this Fn3 Setting is usually executing a AFMode+AFOn+AFOn - so BBAF is redundant. This is with the D5.

Personally, that feels extremely awkward to me and like it would only really work on a mono- or tripod. However, my camera holding style is geared to prioritize my ability to continually and very quickly adjust focal length on my workhorse lens, the 70-200.

All these Custom Settings Thom and I and many others demand in a Pro camera are to speed up and optimize access to the set of alternative settings, because:

"...You always want to be able to jump in and change what the camera is doing based upon the situation that pops up in front of you."

This is only possible using the right hand and IF the camera Haptics allow this. Lens Fn is the only exception to activate with left hand supporting a Telephoto (at least wrt F Nikkors but a Lens-Fn button in more Z Nikkors improve the Haptics of more ensembles). RSF is the other major improvement of Custom settings. Nikon used firmware upgrade to first introduce RSF in the D5, refined it in the D6 (twice); now the Z9 takes its versatility even further.

Thom's not so salient message of his Z9 appraisal manifests in his bestowing well earned kudos on Nikon. Hard won praise from this curmudgeon.

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