Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

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I'm still waiting for ONE reviewer of the dozen's I've seen to say a negative word about their experience using the Z9 in ALL regards be it photo or video. So far all I've seen is praise and not one criticism of any function failing or lack there of. This is an exceptional result so far.

Keep in mind that whoever already has a pre-production Z9 for testing received it directly from Nikon as a favor, be it before the official announcement on October 28 or right now, such as Brad Hill and Thom Hogan. For those YouTube influencers, that means a lot of hits on their video and therefore plenty of income. If they slam the Z9, they might as well kiss their favorable relationship with Nikon goodbye. Next time when Nikon introduce the Z9 Mark II or Z8, etc., you can forget about Nikon offering them another pre-production camera again. Who is so stupid to bite the hand that feeds them?

That is why nobody should be surprised that some of those who used to constantly bad-mouth Nikon products before still received pre-production Z9, and all of a sudden they have favorable comments on the Z9 this time around.

I have not pre-ordered the Z9 myself. While I have little doubt that it is a great camera, I would like to see a few reviews from people who actually pay for their production models. Hopefully I'll see some more-balanced reviews, with both the pros and cons.

This is incredibly conspiratorial and completely ignores negative reviews of the Z6/Z7. Or the EOS-R, frankly.

You scratch my back, and I scratch your back is pretty common practice. A few years ago, I used to get loaner new products from Nikon USA to review. Since most higher-end Nikon cameras and lenses are very good, my reviews are mostly favorable. Once Nikon offered me the 18-300mm DX super zoom. I openly told my contact that I don't particularly like super zooms; most likely I'll find a lot of flaws with that lens and I will pull no punches. They immediately told me it is better that I don't review that lens.

For me, photography is merely a side hobby, although a very serious one. I do have a separate, unrelated day job.

What favorable relationship? Thom has been one of their harshest critics...of their marketing, customer service, conservatism, and UI cheese-moving, especially. He likes the quality of the files and their color science.
If Thom received a preproduction model for his (limited) review, it was at Nikon's initiative, not his. I'm rather surprised that Nikon did this.

As was Jared Polin. That’s why I said it seems totally conspiratorial. We’ve seen this happen with many, many cameras for years. It happens with every camera and the feedback isn’t always totally positive. Like, everyone bashed the R5 for overheating in their tests.

Just because you can imagine a scenario doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening.

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