Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

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Think outside the box (camera)

So I have a suggestion which won't get your mojo going right away but I'll still put it forward.

You have cameras with all the whistles and bells so why duplicate great cameras you already have. I'm a Canon guy with a Canon 5D mk4 and 8 lenses, three of them L, others being very good third party lenses. In the past I owned the 5D mk2 and prior to that two Rebels.

My experience as I got older was to bring a camera and two lenses along on vacation trips, winery tours, ship cruises and work experiences in the Yukon. But I found when I took the camera along leaving the hotel or RV or ships bedroom, I'd only take my camera and one lens. First it was a zoom, the 28 - 135mm, then later instead of the zoom, my 50 mm f1.4. I soon realized that one camera/one lens was the way to go. And I moved from the 50mm to a 35mm, easier to shoot inside shots.

With this combo - one camera/one lens - yes, I did miss some shots. But I shot much more than when taking two lenses along. No juggling of lenses, decisions about the right mm length, etc. etc.

Eventually I decided to go with the Fujifilm fixed prime lens range finder styled X100f, part of the 100 series. The latest is the X100v, but the last two iterations of the 100 series will do you right.

I'll add one video review of this camera and I genuinely think you will have more fun with this camera than anything that is your basic camera/zoom combo. Many people who use this camera have stopped shooting in RAW and are JPEG only with the X100 series. There are film simulations that are a good jumping point for "recipes" that users have developed. You can download a free app - Fuji Weekly - which will provide you with 100 recipes for Fuji cameras on your smart or iPhone.

Mattias Burling is a Fuji reviewer so you aren't just listening to a f^nb^y rant:

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