Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

ProDude wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

First of all, Nikon priced the Z9 low. I thought it should be higher than the $6500 Sony A1, which has no built-in vertical grip. The problem with marketing too hard and you cannot deliver is that after 3, 4 months of waiting, you will have a lot of impatient, angry customers, especially those who have paid a deposit. It will give Nikon a bad reputation and those customers could be poached by other brands, if alternatives are available.

I was saying this all along and many beat me up over it like it's not a real possibility. I do feel if Nikon delivers many in December they will be virtual heroes. If they fall then like you said it will not bode well for them. Their marketing has gotten the delivery to a fevered pitch so they'd better deliver.

You definitely exaggerate here.  This product appears to be good enough that people who want it will wait a few more months for it if that's what it takes.  Don't get me wrong, the sooner Nikon can start shipping, the more total sales they will create with it just due to the total selling time before it is bested by some future camera, but this camera isn't going to suddenly be surpassed and out-of-date two months from now if that's how long it takes to get volume to the market.

I'm personally happy to see Nikon finally doing real marketing in the channels that many of their enthusiasts hang out.  I think Nikon's been getting their clocks cleaned in marketing for years so it's about time they upped their game in that regard.  And, what better product to do that with than one that seems to be a winner and a nice flagship for the brand.

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