Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

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Re: Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

Jayster18 wrote:

Thanks, Don. One of my concerns has been the weight and size of the camera. I want something that I can fit into a carry-on for plane travel (certainly don't want to check a $1,500+ camera in my luggage) without cause the carry-on bag to be too heavy or bulky. I also want something that will be easy to carry all day long and on long walks. With that in mind, how have you found the RX10 iv's size and weight?

The answer to that is rather subjective.  I had a Canon 60D and four lenses, a 10-20, a 17-70. a 50, and the longest being a 70-300 DO.  I was happy with the IQ of all of them, but often missed a shot because of having the wrong lens on.   I also wanted more reach for birding.  I borrowed a Tamron 150-600 and didn't like it at all.  Slow to focus and most importantly a beast to carry and shoot with.  I borrowed a 100-400 II and it performed very well, but was still a lot heavier than I wanted.  The cost was $$$.

I looked into M4/3, but to get a good one with a decent long lens, the cost was getting up there and so was the weight.  I would also have to by a couple of shorter FL lenses.

Someone mentioned the RX10 and other bridge cameras.  I tried the Nikon 950 but the ergomonics and IQ, especially noise, rule it out.  A local camera shop finally got the RX10 in after six weeks of waiting and they let me use it for two days.  I found the IQ was better than my Canon ASPC, I could crop more, it focused faster and had 25% more reach.  It also weighed 25% less than my Canon with any lens but the plastic 50mm, and 25% less than the 70-300 DO.  I was sold.

Still learning with it and still waiting to travel.


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