Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Re: G500 and Jim

James Rosenzweig wrote:

By the way, the G400 is notably thinner and somewhat lighter than
the G500. Have you found any tests of the G400 yet? I still don't
know the release date.

No -- I haven't seen any release dates. The camera is also being marketed as the Konica Revio KD-420z in some parts of the world (introduced at a recent show under the Konica label in Greece).

My biggest two concerns would be noise (smaller, denser 1/2.5" sensor), and flash range (weaker flash compared to the larger G500).

The autofocus speed (if it's as fast as advertised) should make the G400 a Very Fast camera though (autofocus times). If Konica-Minolta can get good image quality from the smaller sensor, then it will probably make a great camera in most shooting conditions. It also has a few features (for example: exposure bracketing, aperture priority), that were not included in the G500 firmware (although I'm still hoping for a G500 firmware upgrade, but I'm not "holdiing my breath").

Again, my main concern would be the G400's weaker flash (common on many of the ultracompacts). Noise doesn't bother me as much (I'd rather have a little noise in a photo, than blur from camera shake/subject movement, so as long as it's not too bad at higher ISO speeds, then it will probably make a good camera for most conditions.

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