Thom got a Z9 to test

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About his Fn1/Fn2/Fn3 comments

I didn't follow his description of placing his index finger on the Fn1 button. My index finger is poised above the Z 7 shutter button when I am ready to take a picture, and of course that finger also has the front control wheel and the red dot, ISO, and +/- buttons to attend to as well. That's plenty.

However when I hold my 7 ready to shoot, lo and behold, my middle finger lands at Fn1 and my ring finger is at Fn2 just like Thom said for the 9. That seems like a good similarity to me.

What I'd want to know is whether Fn3 can be set to be one thing for landscape orientation but something different when in portrait. The idea there is that I might want Fn3/portrait to be the same as Fn1/landscape. Maybe the only way to get that would be to have Fn3 just be the same as Fn1, a bit of a waste.

I've been looking daily at for the any sign of a user's manual for the Z9.

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