Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

FuhTeng wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

Looks like Nikon is still marketing the Z9 very hard, to keep the momentum going. I would like to think that if Nikon has so many Z9 preorders that they cannot fill for months to come, they wouldn’t be pushing it this much.

That makes zero sense from a marketing perspective. The camera has enormous marketing momentum. Why on earth would you ever stop? Because people may have to wait? So? The orders are already placed.

First of all, Nikon priced the Z9 low. I thought it should be higher than the $6500 Sony A1, which has no built-in vertical grip. The problem with marketing too hard and you cannot deliver is that after 3, 4 months of waiting, you will have a lot of impatient, angry customers, especially those who have paid a deposit. It will give Nikon a bad reputation and those customers could be poached by other brands, if alternatives are available.

Remember the 500 PF! It was out of stock for many months after release.

Out of stock for many months is very different from customers having to wait several months. Nikon started shipping the 500 PF in September 2018. Initially I ordered from B&H, but after waiting for a couple of months, I started checking with local stores in December. One store said a 3-month wait but another store had one in stock in a warehouse, and I bought that immediately. I know over 10 photographers who got the 500 PF fairly early; the wait was no more than 2, 3 months in early 2019.

However, for over a year Nikon was able to immediately sell every 500 PF they manufactured so that B&H never had it in stock until probably early 2020, and then Nikon started having discounts.

Just today Canon announced that the R3 orders could take half a year to ship:

In reality, I think Canon knows that the 24MP R3 @ $6000 is not competitive, especially since 8K video is impossible. IMO, most likely the R3 will never sell in large quantities, and now Canon is under pressure to produce an R1 that can compete against the A1 and Z9.

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