Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

kbrkr wrote:

Considering how many sample Z9's have been distributed to Influencers, Ambassadors, and journalists; those cameras alone can cover the pre-order! lol

After the official Z9 announcement on October 28, 2021, I saw my local (Western US) Nikon rep twice, at two different local camera stores. He pointed out that in the entire US, there were a total of 12 pre-production Z9 bodies distributed to various Nikon Ambassadors and YouTube influencers, etc. Actually everybody only had the Z9 for a few days to a week or so, as a few of those people such as Joe McNally pointed out in various videos. It looks like each one of those 12 bodies might have gone to 3, 4 people, such that the total number of photographers who have used those pre-production Z9 could be like 40, just in the US. When you add Canada, Europe and Asia, it explains why there has been so many YouTube videos when the Z9 was announced.

That Nikon rep pointed out that they Z9 he had with him at the local demos is one of those 12. And some of those will be forwarded to South America for further demos and in the US, they will be getting a new shipment of demo bodies. I assume that a new shipment has arrived and folks such as Thom Hogan and Brad Hill are getting theirs now, and most likely they can keep them for a little while (much longer than a week). Most likely the hardware is final although the firmware may still be updated before the first customer shipment.

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