Thom got a Z9 to test

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Re: Thom got a Z9 to test

shuncheung wrote:

MichaelHK wrote:

Looks like Nikon is still marketing the Z9 very hard, to keep the momentum going. I would like to think that if Nikon has so many Z9 preorders that they cannot fill for months to come, they wouldn’t be pushing it this much.

Some might argue that the “Nikon auto focus is poop” myth is in part due to Sony and Canon having higher end cameras with much better auto focus. This could be seen as an attempt to destroy that myth.

It could also be to emphasise that rumours of Nikon’s death are exaggerated, in order to not only staunch the loss of Nikon users, but to attract in new ones on the basis that a Z6 (II) or Z7 (II) is now a safe buy with a guaranteed upgrade path.

And it could also help the moral of Nikon staff, and keep Nikon retailers on their side.

And as someone else said, the campaign was probably formulated long before they realised that the Z9 was a (preorder) hit, with marketing funds allocated, promotional videos and literature prepared, camera store presentations booked, and pre-production cameras allocated to photographers for testing. My guess is that this last point is the key one, basically interest in the camera has exceeded Nikon’s expectations.

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