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XRAY51 wrote:

The converter is the Olympus Teleconverter TCON-17X (Black).

You can sometimes find them new, but a good used one should work fine. There are no movable parts. There is also no loss of light. You set the same F-stops that you would without the converter.

You also need a 67-55MM adapter ring to fit between the lens and the converter. Like this.

Here are a few shots of the camera, lens and converter.

A6000 with the 100-300MM Tamron retracted with the lens hood.

A6000 with the lens and the converter, lens retracted.

A6000 with 100-300MM fully extended with converter. It is still hand holdable.

Now a couple of images that show the absolute range from 18MM to 510MM (APSC) with using the converter on the long end, but removing it for the short end. That is 28X power.

The short end at 18MM. (APSC) No converter.

The long end at 510MM (300MM X 1.7). (APSC). With the converter.

And now a couple of shots from the Safari I took in Jan. 2020. These are from South Africa.

A Bull Elephant coming right at us. The driver was backing up as fast as she could. Even she was nervous. I had the front seat and it was very interesting. This was the A6000 and the 18-200MM. Sometimes you need one for close ups like this.

Lion cubs in the bush. This is the A6500 with the 55-210MM and the TCON 17X converter. It gave me just that extra reach that I wanted. Amazing creatures.

Anyway. I hope that this is helpful. I think that the Tamron 18-300MM should give you some comparable shots with just one body and lens with the converter. Even more range, actually. I hope that you have a great time. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Wow! Thank you so much for these photos—it is so incredibly helpful. The lens size is a bit intimidating since I’m used to just shooting with the camera with the kit lens but that is incredible reach!

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