New 16-80, Not Too Bad

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Re: New 16-80, Not Too Bad

The Sony comparison is certainly relevant for me, as I use the Sony system a fair bit at work and owned both APS-C and full frame Sony bodies. Coming from using an A7Rii prior to switching to Fuji, I have been surprisingly satisfied with the X-H1 and the 16-80. The largest I can print at home is 13x19”, a size at which the 16-80 resolves just fine for me. I could print that pano at the equivalent size of several 13x19s stuck together and I’d wager few people could pick out the lens limitations, or would fault the image for them. If I wanted bigger than that, for critical results, I’d likely have stuck with the A7Rii.

I haven’t used the Sony 16-55, but then it’s twice the cost of the 16-80 (comparing used prices, which is how I buy). If that’s your reference point, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to compare the Fuji and Sony 16-55s to each other?

No, the 16-80 isn’t perfect, but I don’t think it has to be. As most have noted, it’s more about its suitability for one’s uses. For me, it’s my one weather resistant lens, and sees most of its use in outdoor pursuits where that, and relatively quick and accurate autofocus matters more to getting the shot I want than perfect edge to edge sharpness. I have primes for other stuff, and use them extensively. I don’t want to hike or ski tour with three primes, and muck about with switching lenses in the snow or miss a shot for want of the right focal length. Few other lenses, if any, would give me that flexibility, and certainly not at the price point. Maybe I could get an a6500 and the Sony 16-55 for the same cost as my x-h1 and 16-80, but then I’d be back to dealing with the Sony color issues and ergos. Been there, no thanks. But my calculus is likely different from yours. Doesn’t mean either of us is calculating wrong, just not the same formula.

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