Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

liopleurodon wrote:

I'll come at this from the other end. I'm a Sony shooter with an a7 III that drooled over the R6 when it was released; especially its video features and best electronic shutter this side of an a9. I was very tempted to switch. Ultimately what held me back was was the lens ecosystem.

Personally, I do find the R6 a "difficult" to accept due to it's resolution, but that's me, I'm sure others see no issue with it's resolution and find it more than sufficient.

There's nothing in Canon's lineup to compete with the Tamron 28-75 or 28-200.

This is not how I see it, that's for sure and one of the reasons I dropped Sony, A1, was my total frustration with these sort of lenses, ie cutting off the 24-27.9 in order to offer a bit more speed! For me it was an absolute headache and the frustration this adds by not providing a little wider made them very limiting!

Talking of the 28-200 it's a good lens but certainly no better than the 24-240 which is longer and in the main around a stop slower, for such a lens it's doesn't stack up to much plus the 28-200 really struggles with Sony ibis above 100mm, whereas the 24-240 is stable right through the range. In a nutshell I prefer the RF 24-105 to Sony's and the 28-75 or indeed most 24-70 2.8's of any manufacturer and the 24-240 is far more the single lens solution than a 28-200 will ever be.

Also, Sony has nothing to compete with the rf 16 2.8, in fact I don't think anyone does!

The Canon RF 24-70 is bigger and heavier than my Tamron

This true but the RF 24-70 is not competing with a 28-75, which has had the 24-27.9 range removed! Sony FE 24-70 2.8 is a comparable lens and weighs?

and the RF 24-240 does not deliver the speed or optical quality of the 28-200.

This is just not true, optically the 24-240 might actually be better and the ois/ibis combination is better plus it supports 20fps!

Additionally the RF 35/1.8 isn't nearly as good as the FE 35/1.8.

Rubbish, in what way?

FE 35 1.8 suffers really bad from CA and its bokeh is not the best plus it lacks the mfd and much better sharpness right across the frame!

Now I have an a7 IV on order.

Cool, I hope you'll be happy

It gives me 95% of what I wanted from the R6: touch to focus/track in video, h265 video, 10-bit 4k, HEIF images instead of JPG, higher res and refresh EVF, flippy screen, etc. The 4k (at 24p or 30p) quality of the a7 IV should beat the R6 as well as its downsampled from more resolution than the R6. 4k60 was compromised for the 33mp sensor. I personally would have preferred a pixel binned option like the R5 has, but Sony decided on a damned crop. Sony also adds a few new cool features like a fully programmable EC dial, a dedicated dial to switch from stills to video, etc.

The choice between the two amounts to resolution or speed. Both have top shelf autofocus systems; both have a great sensor with great dynamic range; both have fantastic 4k capabilities with high bitrates and good codecs. You can't go wrong with either. For everyday life, events, landscapes and such I'd choose the Sony as 33MP will matter more than the extra speed. If I was focused primarily on wildlife, birding, or sports I'd take the R6 for its superior speed, more manageable files (gonna have a lot of them at 20fps), and access to the EF lens catalog of excellent affordable telephoto glass that Sony FE can't touch.

Of course the lenses you want matter far more than the body itself.

Honestly, I'd say save for the R5, its a phenomenal camera and it feels a substantially better camera in every way than the A1.

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