fast shutter - low light - indoors - speedlight - off camera - diffuser

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fast shutter - low light - indoors - speedlight - off camera - diffuser

Hello All,

Looking for some advice if poss - I have my own thoughts from trial and error but figured someone with more experience than me could give me some pointers..

The situation - I wish to take photos of my children indoors, with ambient light/ flash. For this i need a reasonably fast shutter speed - say 125/ 250th.

My gear - Fuji X-H1 (and my preferred lens) 35mm 1.4. IF they were to stand still, this would be perfect for me, boosting ISO a bit where necessary (although its a pretty shallow DOF for focus, but there's always trade-offs. I've gotten decent results previously. However, they are very much fast moving target nowadays, so I need a faster shutter. I purchased a Godox speedlight a while ago and have played about with it a bit, fluked the odd keeper, but generally don't like the look i am achieving. TTL/ manual/ bouncing etc.. the usual issues, e.g. harsh light/ highlights in the skin tones, shadows in the background, shadows on their faces, etc..

My current thinking is to get a trigger unit and get my speedlight off camera.. And possibly a small box diffuser to place over the flash itself. I'm not really looking for a pro set-up, and ideally don't want to invest in too much (more) kit - its just for the odd time, now winter is upon us, that i will be taking pics in the lounge etc. at home.

So i guess my question (and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place) is, do you think my current thinking will get me what I want - i.e. be able to freeze moving targets in ambient low-ish light, without an overly flashy look?

Ps I also have a new f4 zoom, which gives me more versatility in terms of focal length (obviously), so I'm thinking i can exploit that lens a bit more with an off camera set-up also.

Cheers for anyones thoughts.


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