Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

thunder storm wrote:

3V AudioVideo wrote:

Did having the Sony a7iv introduced make it harder for you to decide to purchase the Canon R6? Which did you end up purchasing?

I have an M50 and T3i, with the 70-200 2.8, a broken 50mm1.4 (but have the part to fix the focus, just need to fix it myself) and a Sigma 18-35 1.8. I have the adapter so I can use these lenses on my gf's Sony a6400 (as well as another adapter for the M50). So I can use these lenses on either an R6 (which I wanted to get ever since it was announced). Not a lot of lenses. But not until the a7iv came out did I start thinking that maybe this was the one to get instead.

I almost always do video in 1080. I video in 4K only when I am at concerts and I am too far away when using the crop lens that goes to 200mm (the FF lens is too big so venues usually won't allow me to bring it in). Using 4k, I can crop some more in post to get me closer to the subject, without going down in quality lower than 1080. The Sony a7iv 4k60 is crop only, so I could use the small crop lens in venues where I can't use the larger FF L lens. My crop Canon EF-M 55-200 can't adapt to the R6.

But I mainly want to choose the FF that would be best for stills. Lens availability (and for the new lenses I would want to purchase), I see pros and cons for each system, but overall a little more so an advantage with the Sony. I don't think I need super fast AF from the Canon lenses I already have, so using an adapter with them on the Sony would be fine.

If you don't need super fast AF I wouldn't go with either the R6 or the A7IV. Get yourself a used R if AF speed isn't important.

Another note: Try to decide based on available lenses and future needs. Both might change, but at the same time this is the most important factor. If you're happy with your current lenses, the R might be your best option. EF to RF is native adapting, and that's fine, however, EF to FE is non-native adapting and potentially unsatisfying.

I think the a7iv could provide better stills. They have gotten much better with their menu system, touch screen usability, ergonomics and battery life. I really like the dedicated switch on the a7iv that allows ability to easily switch between stills and movie mode, and the menu options to choose which settings should be independent when switching. (Even my M50 has the Movie and 'M' right next to each other on the dial, but the R6 is as far apart as possible - ugh). But...I really like Canon's menu system and ease of use. I am all set on a7iv and pre-ordered it, but there is this little voice in my head telling me don't give up on Canon yet.

Only I can truly decide which one to get and I spent many hours comparing. But just wondering if anyone had a tough decision to make between these two cameras.

I waited for the R to come out and when I found out it did not have IBIS, I immediately purchased the M50 to hold me out till Canon came out with IBIS. When R6 came out, I waited out for it to go on sale but don't want to wait forever. So just when about ready to purchase, a7iv comes out and after doing some comparisons, I put it in for a pre-order. But last stated in OP, part of me is still thinking to get the R6.

I have a lot of other requirements I did not post for which camera to choose from, but mainly started this thread to have a conversation around the question asked as the topic title. But going back to my requirements, after using the M50 for a number of years now, I would get most of my photography/video footage use if a version of the M50 came out with IBIS.  Then I started to see having benefits of using 4K (I prefer 1080 because of file size and it is good enough for me).  4K is good when I need more reach, so I can crop in post.  But like 60fps over 24/30 for certain (most) types of video I shoot,  I like the a7iv in that I could use my gf's physically small sized Sony crop lenses to do 4K60p and have the system very small.  But it would still be too large of a system for many venue that I do go to, so the a7iv would be more often used for when I would want to acquire the best still I can get, so thinking the 33mp sensor would be a slight benefit.

I'm still researching how the AF system differers between the 2 cameras.  The Canon m50 works better for me, than what I am seeing in the A6400 and so far the a7iv.  For instance,  in Video, when I am using the EVF, I can move my focus box around and then press the shutter to focus.  With Sony, I can move the focus box, but the camera is always focusing.  I can choose it not to always focus, by using touch to focus (focus once) but not when using the EVF, and there is no box showing where I touched it.  A bunch of other differences too that I don't like about the Sony.  The AF is advanced, no doubt, but doesn't quite work for me in all situations like even the less advanced Canon.  For stills, the Sony is perfect for me, just not video (but still trying to see what work-around I can find).

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