Viltrox EF-FX2 with Vintage Objectives

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Re: Viltrox EF-FX2 with Vintage Objectives

SirBisgaard wrote:

Hi guys!

Im planning on getting a speedbooster/focal reducer for my Fuji X-S10.
Because I have acquired a fair amount of vintage manuel objectives.

So my main "concern" is to get the best value for money in terms of the glass.
I dont care about auto focus features. 😊

So I learned from another forum the best way to go is with an Cannon EF adapter.
Because I can by the cheap adapter "rings" for my lenses and EF allows for a nice hot-swap.

Yes, the Canon EF mount is one of the best because of its relatively short flange distance and availability of adapters.

So I have been looking at a Viltrox EF-FX2. It seems nice but is there anything better in the same pricerange?

If you are not planning to use actual Canon EF lenses, the focal reducer without electronics can be a good option.  The Lens Tubo II and Metabones Speedbooster come to mind.

Can anybody tell me the material of the Viltrox body?

Metal and glass. Same goes for the Lens Turbo II and Metabones.

Is the image quality servere hit by it?

I good focal reducer will actual increase sharpness and lessen aberrations (because it shrinks the image circle).  The main issue with be contrast.  The added glass may reduce contrast.

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