Z5 or Z50

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The Z5, because history will repeat itself

In reality, there isn't very much difference in image quality or even low light ability between APSC and Full Frame. Yes, full frame is better, but APSC is certainly very good and should be all an amateur photographer ever needs. And if you want an APSC system, then Nikon Z or Canon R are the two systems I would completely avoid.

I say this because history will repeat itself and their APSC systems will never get full lens support just like their DX and EF-S systems never did. You will only get a few kit lenses, and perhaps a couple of fast primes. For everything else they will expect you to buy full frame lenses, which will erase any size, weight, or cost advantages of having a smaller camera body.

For both Nikon and Canon, APSC will always be their stepchildren, with all attention and effort going to their full frame siblings. This is important consideration if you plan on buying a wide range of lenses.

If you do want a crop sensored system you are probably better off with Fujifilm X or even M4/3, because both have very robust lens catalogs and neither one force you to buy lenses designed for a larger sensor.

If you just want a new MILC camera, and prefer the Nikon brand, then the Z5 makes a lot of sense. It is a really great camera at a very good price, and Nikon will keep launching more lenses designed for it.

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