What will the next Z camera be?

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Re: What will the next Z camera be?

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Low-end DX Z (Z30) seems to be the most likely. Z50 upgrade would make sense as well.

Nikon's Z mirrorless FX line up is quite full at this point.

Not really.

Nikon is still selling new Z6 and Z7. With the Z9 coming this month, plus Z5, Z6ii and Z7ii, that would be a total of six "current" bodies. Maybe they can add a retro FX, but I don't expect any more FX bodies until they drop the Z6 and Z7. After that, perhaps the 6ii and 7ii can move to the "old generation" category to make room for something new.

Canon -> RP, R, R6, R5, R3, R1 (to be released).

Nikon has no answer to the R5 and R6, and no answer to the Sony A9 and A1 ie high end but compact and light. The II series bodies can’t be much more expensive to make than the I series ones, and I imagine with component prices dropping, they’ll move down the range.

We don’t know the manufacturing cost of the Z5, it must be less than a D610 which was in production not so long ago.

I too expect them to expand in the DX area, but what Nikon really needs is more lenses..


I’ve always considered Z6(ii) to be in same market as R6 and Z7(ii) likewise for R5. In a lot of instances the Nikon specs are better than the Canon specs for these cameras. I certainly don't see the R5/R6 as superior

I agree, for example, DPR's review of the R5 compared it to the mk i Z7 as follows:

The Nikon's video feature set is less competitive and its autofocus implementation is a little clunkier than the Canon's, but it almost certainly won't overheat on you. For sports and action, we'd lean towards the EOS R5, but for those subjects moving rather less erratically, they're both capable options.

And in the R6 review

Against the Nikon Z6 we think the Canon has the slight edge.

The Canon shoots faster, has excellent stabilization and features such as HDRTV-ready HEIF capture. The R6's benefits add up to enough to justify the price difference but probably aren't great enough to overrule consideration of whether the lenses you want are available.

Clearly Nikon's "answer" to the R5 and R6 are the Z7ii and Z6ii. The Canons are significantly more expensive and have some better specs and AF performance.

My guess is that the Z6ii and Z7ii are going to get a meaningful FW update after the Z9 launch which will get them to rough parity with the Canons on AF performance. We'll see!

Market perception is another thing. Z6User wrote "Nikon has no answer to the R5 and R6". If that's what a Z6 user thinks, it can't be easy for the unaffiliated purchaser!

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