Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

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Re: Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure? FIX !

Ha, I am fairly on it with this, yes, but only because I've established that it won't involve going anywhere near the actual optical parts. Proper camera repair is beyond by skills (or more accurately beyond my ability to keep dust particles out of sensitive areas). There are multiple layers of solid, heat dissipating copper between each layer of electronics in this thing, and the screen connector only requires the removal of the rear outer housing.
The replacement screen itself is between £50 to £70 on Aliexpress, but there's none in the UK, and I'm guessing the £50 one will end up closer to £70 by the time extra charges have been whacked on it. There are old eBay listings that show up in Google results, but none that are current. I am well versed in sourcing parts, and cannibalising another non working device is a favoured method for sourcing genuine phone parts, when it can be a minefield picking through all the third party ones of varying quality.
The little board that goes between the screen and the main board doesn't seem to be available anywhere, and there's no sign that it ever has been. I've both looked it up by part number and scrolled right through the parts listings for this model. I suppose the fact that there's a few places that sell the screen, but nobody selling the board is likely a sign that the screen is comparatively prone to failure, whereas the board is not?

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