Fuji and the Competition in 2021: A (personal) thought experiment

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Re: Fuji and the Competition in 2021: A (personal) thought experiment

astonehouse wrote:

As far as thought on your figures, wouldn't you knock Fuji down a little more on AF and IQ compared to the FF brands?

No, not personally. I think we tend to forget how slim the IQ differences objectively are. A modicum of additional noise when looking at ISO 6400 images at 100%? A stop of dynamic range, when an APS-C camera has 10+ stops of dynamic range? Maybe a Professional would gain value from even more headroom, but for enthusiasts, I find we're often exaggerating the gains.

AF depends on subject matter and what mode you shoot in. In my experience, AF-S is perfectly fine on Fujis. I don't use burst modes and AF tracking much, but this is where Fuji was lagging. People who shoot sports, BIF or the like might attribute more weight to the difference in AF versus Canon and Sony.

Also, my conclusion was that Nikon offers a smaller/lighter package over Canon, given that most of Canon's decent lens offerings are in their pro range and all massive. If anything, it's at least equal in size and weight?

A valid point. What knocked Nikon down half a point is that the bodies are already heavier and somewhat larger. The combo dimensions and weight are very dependent on lens choice, so I suppose I put a bit more emphasis on the body as a base for compactness.

It would be interesting to throw in build quality (including warranty coverage) - maybe as part of the future metric? And even weather resistance, as I think that's where you start to see some other differences.

There are many factors that could be added, but ultimately it becomes and exhausting exercise to do app categories available, even if they might not all habe equal relevance to one's actual photography.

Just a word on weather resistance: it seems people have really adopted it as a very important point these days. And I can see why, in principle, it's both useful and a factor of differentiation. But when it comes to comparing WR versus the Implementation on another model or even a model without WR, the lack of some kind of standardised rating (e.g. IP rating) makes it near impossible to anticipate the degree of resistance to the elements.

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