Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure? FIX !

Doctor Trousers wrote:

Hi Erik, thanks, I've already opened up the camera and established that replacing the screen is well within my abilities. Accessing the screen takes a fairly minimal amount of disassembly.

I'm really interested in opinions on the likelihood that the LCD panel itself has failed, vs the likelihood that the issue is with the small circuit board that goes between the LCD panel and the main board, ideally informed by other cases where this or a similar model has been repaired.

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Yes, you are "on it'.

Unfortunately , even on eBay TZ200 parts are fairly expensive, so "Give it a Try - can't hurt" is sort of "off the table". I wish I could help, but as I am quite satisfied with my older cameras (Panny ZS25/ Casio ZR700/800) I haven't kept up.

Only thing which occurs to me now is to try to find a "Non-functioning" used TZ200 & try cannibalizing it for your part. Kinda' risky, though, but maybe cheaper than a specific used part.

Nice to hear from someone who knows what he's doing, though: Good Luck!!



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