Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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If the pre-order rumors are anything close to accurate, photographers are more excited about the Z9 than any Nikon body since the D850. If anything, Nikon will leverage that enthusiasm by making an announcement - perhaps by the end of this calendar year - that the Z8 is in development and coming in 2022. Reassuring photographers that Z9 capability will be designed into downmarket products is the #1 thing Nikon can do to leverage the Z9 hype.

There is only a month and half left in 2021, and Nikon won't start shipping the Z9 until at least mid December. There is no better way to stop their own Z9's momentum to announce some "Z8" is coming with most of Z9's features but less expensive. Or announce another DSLR money loser when the world has moved to mirrorless. Either move would be a major shot in their own foot.

The only new DSLR Nikon may announce in the future are those anniversary model, special edition type, ALA Leica. But even that is getting unlikely. Nikon already have the retro Zfc. Perhaps that will make an FX version.

The thing is hype like this has a way of dieing fast. Why? Well because most nikon users won't buy this because of its price size and weight. The bigger market will be in a Z8 or whatever nikon calls it, but essentially a z7ii style body but with pro controls - without the missing buttons like the focus mode button, the 10 pin remote terminal at the front so it doesn't interfere with l bracket use, better AF, less or no blackout, so on and so forth (that z9 horizontal and vertical tilting screen is a must!). I think it is unlikely that masses of people who want a Z9 will suddenly not wish that style of body just because a Z8 is on it's way. The Z9 body is massive and weighty, if you want that type of camera you already know and go for it.

Exactly. Nikon only benefits from the Z9 by developing and releasing downmarket products that make the most desirable features & functionality of the Z9 available to enthusiasts.

The sooner they get on with that, the better. No D4 thru D6 shooter who's been waiting for the Z9 is going to pass on it because a non-gripped Z8 is announced. Not. One. If a D850 shooter who pre-ordered a Z9 cancels to get in line for a Z8, Nikon still gets a multi-thousand dollar sale. Plus they'll get the same sale from the thousands of D850 shooters who didn't pre-order a Z9 but can't wait to get in line for the Z8. If Nikon announces a Z900 is in development, the line of D500 and D7500 shooters getting in line for that will be long and enthusiastic. Professionals who pre-ordered the Z9 may join them in that line to get a second body having a similar user interface & functionality but lighter in weight and better at filling the frame when photographing distant subjects.

Any way we slice it, Nikon benefits from priming the customer enthusiasm pump and announcing downmarket products build around Z9 features & functionality as soon as possible. That only results in more people being excited about what's coming from Nikon.

I do not care what anyone says...the current Z bodies all have some sort of compromise or issue that means for my shooting they are side steps at best. This is a personal thing to each shooter. I know what I do and I know what works. Heck I have tried to justify grabbing one for months' but every time I look at it rationally I cannot swing it. (It is mainly to try the lenses more).

The current issue for me is the EVF lag on fast moving objects where you have to move camera around quick. too annoying. They eat batteries. Important when you are on a long time sporting events or all day photo shoots. The amount of time one battery on my D8XX series camera lasts, I would have to go through 3 or 4 on a Z7 to keep pace. DSLR is far more energy efficient, LOL. Sad but true.

Probably be that way for a long long time. ML is powering an EVF and constant af / metering calculations. I'd honestly have liked to have seen a hybrid.

Agreed. Hybrid system would be nice.

Nikon really must not realise how good their d850 is, or maybe they do. The simple fact is it is truly the best dslr ever made, period. I want to try the Z lenses I do. But I am not side stepping into some flawed or compromised body in order to do it. Nikon will get my money when they truly match or eclipse the d850. I suspect this is the viewpoint of many serious shooters.

Yep it it is, viewpoint of serious and paid shooters, in the real world, not here on the Internet forums. Many of my peers in the business even shoot on even older cameras. I got one guy that still uses a 2009 vintage D300S, with AFD screw driver vintage pro glass, lol. They get great results. Their clients are happy. Not everyone is using that old, some are, using the latest greatest in the real world with clients. You would be surprised. I still see plenty of pro's using old D4 and D800 from 2012 on their paid shoots.

D4 and d800 still practically state of the art in terms of output anyway. Camera sensor tech moves at a snails pace. It's vision and talent that separate the shooters out. I used to always go for the latest tech but now I wait until tech matures more, then I jump if it fits my needs.

True. When I go for the latest tech, I keep it for 1 or 2 generations. Usually so I get something for it $$ wise. If you hold on to it too long. You might as well keep it.

My needs are both...OVF and ML but I can't jump yet. The 24-70 is tempting because it is a lens I need in time. I refuse to buy the f mount version as it has been very much eclipsed by the z lens. But the bodies don't work for me yet.

I will disagree there on the lens, The Z 24-70 F2.8 version may be better in lab tests, but I have no problems with last F mount 24-70 F2.8 VR which came out new in 2015. Prints look great at big sizes from the demanding D850 high res sensor, clients are happy. F mount is far cheaper too. Black Friday deal, 25% off, $1599, last year. it's that price again.

It is all relative, I just don't want to buy a nearly 7yo lens on f mount when there is a better one out there.

Except the F mount one from 2015 is still very good and can be used on both F and Z mount. Newer Z mount is Z mount only. One thing to consider. It's alot cheaper than the Z, even more so with Black Friday deals. Spend a lot more on the Z one.

Here there is only about 200 quid difference between them so not for me; this is a moot point. I wouldn't want to use this on my dslrs as it will be for landscape work only with a z cam.

Also, it achieves a central zone that beats many primes, which is pretty incredible. No doubt the only lens is still capable. Very few lenses are bad these days.

Yes, in pixel peeping laboratory tests. In the real world on large prints, not so.

Yep, even a 18-55 VR2 DX AFP $100 kit lens is quite sharp vs older glass. It just can't do the wide apertures.

You'll notice the difference on large prints between the z and f mount mid range zooms...

I did a large print from my tiny walk around D3500 with that kit lens.  You would be surprised at how good the APS-C 24mp large print looks.  Not as good as the full frame pro glass.  But better than you think.   The best camera is the one you have with ya.

I've been caught up in this iterative upgrade thing before and it doesn't suit me anymore. I also suspect in this modern world many have got wise to this piecemealing stuff too. I am waiting for a d850 "we nailed it moment". A truly refined product without some problem that will get in the way of my shooting. I won't go into that here for now. I'm not here to watch nikon screw around adding an extra card slot and calling it a new camera. Try harder...a lot harder nikon. I am sure they will.

And Ps I will keep my dslrs. Some things are just better with an optical viewfinder. I like to see the world. To feel that connection. Some times that means no electronic viewpoints and pure optical goodness.

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