Help with picking camera for Christmas!

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Re: Help with picking camera for Christmas!

Thanks, everyone for all the insight...really helpful. So after talking to the wife last night here is where I am at. I am sure her feelings could change after getting started, but right now this is where she is at....;-)

She has no desire whatsoever to use this new camera for landscape, street, wildlife, or any kind of daily casual shooting. On family trips to places, she would likely just stick to her phone.

She also didn't seem to care at all about the weight or ergonomics. (surprising) She has held a few Cannon Rebels and said those or anything similar is perfectly fine. So weight or device portability is not really a factor.

Right now her main desire is to take pictures at youth sports events, and maybe some portrait photography.  Definitely wants to be able to have enough quality to make prints. I guess ultimately might even want to start a little website where she sells parents pictures of their kids in action.

So to sum it up what I took from our discussion is she would pick image quality over portability at our price point.  Which I guess is now about $2000 give or take.

I'm very intrigued by these "bridge" cameras some of you have mentioned. At first glance, they seem to offer some pretty good zoom capabilities.  Are they capable of the same picture quality as DSLRs or mirrorless cameras? One post mentioned the 1-inch sensor may give issues with low light shooting?  Any other concerns? Does anyone use one of these for sports? Portraits?   Thanks again for all the help!


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