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Re: Your fox

Docno wrote:

That's a very challenging pic for any app. The fox both has motion blur (due to subject movement) and is a bit out of focus. I don't think you're going to get a great result with anything. Your working of the image looks very over-sharpened to me... sharpening halos around the stalks etc. But everyone has their own threshold.

I was just concentrating on the fox, to illustrate, not the stalks and the rest, to be honest.

I just upgraded to version 3.3.3 from 3.3.2, and the difference is *HUGE* on my old system. I never managed to make 3.3.2 do anything. 3.3.3 sharpened *A LOT* more out of the box.

First item on the release notes is "Fixed various image quality issues on older hardware."

That must have been my system.

Am throwing all the same stuff at it that failed before. Results are 100% more satisfying. Really lucky I downloaded 3.3.3 before abandoning it altogether.

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