Two problems with new A7 IV

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Re: Two problems with new A7 IV

AZheaven wrote:

maltmoose wrote:

fip wrote:

Despiser wrote:

"That kind of shutter activation is found on some consumer models but I doubt it will make an appearance on Sony’s higher end line."

I completely agree with that. Such a gadget is a gimmick, because judging a good shot cannot be done at a distance of a foot or 30 centimeters on such a small display.

Total nonsense, you know this works great on other cameras right, not to mention smart phones...

Technically, this would be a small task, a software-only affair that Sony could implement immediately if they wanted to.

I don't know if these criticisms are a troll attempt to downgrade this stunning camera.

Don't think it's trolling. But a legit question. But I see your point.

But others on here bringing up rear screen touch focusing on 7 year old cameras or cell phones is rude since the question was by the OP about the A7IV. If rear screen touch shutter was so popular why didn't it become a "thing"? SMDH..

I did not see it as being rude in any way or even a hint of being rude. I saw a bit of confusion though, when you mentioned that "we"/"humans" have not advanced that far. So a few people (me included) simply stated that there have been advancements made that can do the touch shutter. The FF Sony A7C that came out last year has it, my Canon M50 has it, the high end Canon R5 has it and other Sony cameras have it too . When you wrote "we", I first thought you meant "Sony". People did not reply to be rude to the OP for the reasons you stated, but rather It was to correctly inform you that the technology does indeed exist and has/is being used in consumer cameras.

As I mentioned, I am one of the people who mentioned that another camera has that features, so if you felt that I was being rude, I want to assure you that was not at all my intent.

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