Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

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Re: Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure? FIX !

Doctor Trousers wrote:

Hi folks, my girlfriend sent her Lumix DC-TZ200 back to Amazon when the screen failed after about a year of use. The display inside the viewfinder still works fine, and you can see that the display lights up when it should, but it remains black. Amazon decided not to repair it, and instead said they'd send her a new camera, which they have done. Weirdly, they have also sent the unrepaired original camera back too. I'm not sure this was meant to happen at all, but anyway, she has two cameras now.
I'm completely new to camera repairs, but I am pretty experienced with electronics, my full time self employed gig is computer and phone repairs, so I fix most stuff myself. I looked online to see if replacement screens are available, which they are, and I figured that if the screen connector can be accessed without opening it up to the point that I expose any of the sensitive optical stuff, then I could probably repair it. Right enough, there's a pretty minimal amount of disassembly involved in accessing the screen connector, with no danger to any of the optical side of things.
Now, if the display connected straight to the mainboard, I'd just go ahead and order a replacement screen. The thing is, there is another board that goes between the display and the mainboard. The ribbon from the display goes to the little secondary board, then another ribbon goes from that to the mainboard. So I don't know if I want to go ahead and spend £50 ordering a screen from overseas without ruling out the possibility that it's actually this secondary board that has failed. I'm guessing it was never sent to a Panasonic technician, and was just checked over by someone at Amazon, because it would be a ten minute repair job for anyone with access to spare parts, whether it's the LCD display itself or the secondary board that has failed.
Does anyone have experience of repairing this or a similar enough model, who could confirm that it's the LCD display itself I need to replace? I'm pretty sure it's not just an issue with a sensor, because the sensor seems to be working fine. The display inside the viewfinder switches on and off as it should when you cover the sensor, and you can see the light on the screen going on and off as it should, it just doesn't display anything. I'm about 90% sure it's the LCD panel itself that has failed, but I'd really appreciate the input from anyone who has repaired a similar model themselves, or had one repaired. Thanks.

Okey-Doakey !

Go to:       

This is a 10-year-old video about disassembling A Panasonic camera.

The principle remains the same: Possibly by searching You-Tube, you can fond something a LOT more recent - I haven't looked. But I HAVE repaired several Panasonic cameras using this information. As someone said (above) .

I'm starting you off with this one because Houghton tells what he is doing logically & clearly. Some work too fast to really follow.

I do follow some of my own procedures, however:

1). To keep track of the little screws which Graham just tosses aside, I use a towel on my work surface to prevent screws from bouncing or rolling away.

2). Because some screws are different lengths &/or have other differences, I make sketches of the camera as I go along, and place the screws & other small parts next to the sketches - at the location they came from.

3). Take your time, this is not "Rocket Science", it's really very easy although you do need a set of tiny screwdrivers. (If you order them from Amazon, you will probably have them the next day.)

4). I have had good luck getting used parts such as display screens from eBay at MUCH lower prices.

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