Adding mid-range zoom for landscape & possible switch to 12-24/100-400

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Adding mid-range zoom for landscape & possible switch to 12-24/100-400

Hello from a long-time lurker, who would be very grateful for advice on consolidating an E-mount landscape lens trio:

What I shoot:
- Tripod shots during golden/blue hour; night landscapes & cityscapes; ND almost always on, CPL not that often.
- Portraits with fast primes.

What lenses & FLs I use for landscape:
- Zeiss 16-35 f4 (mostly 16-20 & 30-35) - very happy with it.
- Zeiss 55 f1.8 - shocked by the amount of keepers (mid-range seems to be underrated for landscape).
- Sony 70-200 f4 (mostly 70-100 & cropped long end) - this replaced an 85 mm prime; least used and sunstars are less defined compared to the above lenses; but it is far from collecting dust.
- Occasionally a fast prime when DoF is needed.; not doing astro much.

What I am looking for in a landscape lens package:
- Well-defined sunstars (no. of points less important) before max aperture -> not too rounded/many aperture blades are nice to have.
- Useful zoom ranges - due to positioning, timing and weather limitations.
- Every image goes through PS -> SooC not that important.


- Question 1 - What is the best complementary lens to cover the 35-70 range, which I have learnt to appreciate (and would like to start using more)?

Was looking into the hated 24-70 f4 (due to its sunstar), but as I am able to get a new 24-105 f4 for like 60 % EU MSRP, I am looking to get that one since it might eliminate the need for a separate tele in many city scenarios (+ it can be sold rather easily).
Note: landscape/cityscape use only - unless the zoom is somehow sharper than primes for strobing.

- Question 2 (bonus) - If I end up with the Sony 24-105, there will be significant FL overlap. Any experience/suggestions regarding a longer-term switch to Sony 12-24G or GM (with rear filters) + Sony 24-105 + 100-400 GM?

On the wide-end, it might be nice to go wider sometimes (but there are not always nice foreground elements to emphasise) + filters might be more of a hassle.

On the long end, the extra reach might be useful when out of the city, and I have been seeing more pronounced and rather nice sunstars on the 100-400 GM (in fact the only ones I really liked when comparing Sony, Sigma and Tamron tele zooms).

Thanks a lot for your input!

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