Photo editing Workstation advice

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Re: Photo editing Workstation advice

Johny bravo wrote:


I´m been delaying my purchase of a new "Photo editing Workstation" for a while and with the introduction of the new MAC M1 chips I really need some advice:

I have 3 options:

1. Wait for the new IMAC PRO (expecting the new mini led panel);

2. 14" Mac book pro (M1 Pro) + External monitor (BENQ 321C);

3. MAC Mini M1 + External monitor (BENQ 321C);

- Some considerations, I´m not a pro and I dont´t do video,

- I really want top notch monitor, from what i have researched Apple monitors are far from 100% Adobe RGB except the XDR Pro display that is out of my league.

- I use sony cameras with big files.


What monitor do you use now? why do you need 100% Adobe RGB? what printer are you using, or service?  Looks like any of those solutions would work, although guessing what Apple will produce is always problematic.

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